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Styletex Corporation is committed to providing a variety of quality garments for our customers. We are confident that you’ll be satisfied with our products, which are made with high-quality materials and the latest technologies to meet the highest industry standards.

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Styletex Corporation has been established to provide the highest quality clothing items. We manufacture for different countries all over the world. As a manufacturer of many different apparel types, we offer you men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing of various styles and fabrics.

We have a robust team and are situated in many key manufacturing countries in Asia. We have offices in the Philippines, Hongkong, India, Bangladesh and China. Many of our products are produced for leading world brands. Our local factory uses several highly advanced production lines to offer perfectly knitted/woven clothing. We pay attention to provide cutting-edge technology for our factories and production lines to maintain the best possible working conditions and standards for our workers.


Over the years, we’re proud to have garnered the trust and loyalty of countless customers. By adopting the latest technologies and applying strict quality control procedures, we’ve become known for having the best products in the industry. With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies, and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction.


Ramps Corp is committed to being the Philippines’ premium distribution company of consumer products, by constantly pursuing superior operating results, while at the same time, adhering to the highest standards of business conduct.


Ramps Corp is a distribution company that aims to bring innovative, creative and original products to the Philippine market, at prices that every Filipino can afford. We do everything to make sure that we leave a never ending impression and satisfaction on our clients and consumers.


D.R.A.W. Possible

Destiny, Right thing, Accountable, Win as one, I am Possible.


I create my Destiny: we are hard-working, willing to learn, and dedicated


I do the Right thing: honest, goes deep, sincere, professional

I am Accountable: has initiative/gets things done, accountable & disciplined


We Win as one: helpful, caring, cooperative, down to earth


I am POSSIBLE: willing to learn new things, a continuous thirst for improvement, proactive, and knowledgeable.